Goldschmidt 2021, 4-9 July, Lyon

Fabrice Gaillard, Lena Noack, Alberto Saal and Ali Bouhifd are pleased to announce the session « 2i : Origins and planetary budgets of volatile elements in the Earth’s interior : accretion, degassing, ingassing » at the upcoming Goldschmidt, Lyon, 4-9 July 2021 (France). The keynote speaker will be Bernard Marty and we will have Marc Hirschmann as invited speaker.

Session description : The Earth’s surface, the mantle, and possibly, the core, are major reservoirs for volatile elements (ie. elements with a strong affinity for the gas phase). This session aims at identifying the concentration and isotopic composition of these elements in the Earth’s reservoirs and how and when such volatile budgets were set in the terrestrial planets. The initial volatile budgets in those reservoirs and how they evolved in time has important implications for understanding the genesis and evolution of planet Earth and other planetary bodies (including the Moon and the terrestrial bodies of the solar system). This, however, requires the reconstruction of 4.5 Gyrs of geological processes involving volatiles. These processes include the early and late planetary accretion, core – magma ocean evolution, surficial degassing, atmospheric losses and deep volatile transfers associated to the various styles of mantle convection and, eventually, lithospheric recycling. To this end, we invite contributions from all domains of planetary sciences, including, but not limited to, analytical geochemistry, experimental petrology, numerical modeling, and remote observations. Submissions from early career scientists and underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged. You may already be aware that this meeting will be a hybrid format with both onsite and online actions. Note the exciting possibility to have a live-streamed session if a sufficient number of abstracts are submitted. The deadline for abstract submissions is February 26th and you will be asked, in addition to the classical oral/poster choice, to specify whether you plan an onsite or online contribution. At this stage however, this remains a flexible choice that can be modified later, in spring.

Submit your abstract here :

Looking forward to seeing you in this exciting session and « may be » in the beautiful city of Lyon.

Fabrice, Lena, Alberto and Ali

Goldschmidt 2021, 4-9 July, Lyon