4th DyCoMaX workshop : registration is open

The registration for the 4th DyCoMaX Workshop on Studies on Dynamically Compressed Matter with X-rays, to be held at the European Synchrotron (ESRF) in Grenoble March 12th to 14th (lunch to lunch), is now open and available here :


The deadline for the registration is 11th February 2024.

Other important deadlines :

Abstract submission for oral contributions :   10th December 2023

abstracts can be sent by mail (https://www.esrf.fr/fr/home/events/conferences/2024/4th-dycomax-workshop/call-for-abstract.html) or though the registration page (online registration form).

Application for training session (for selected young scientists) :   14th January 2024

Young scientists have the opportunity to apply for the instrumental training session that will take place on March 14th afternoon at the High Power Laser Facility (ID24) and at the meso-scale gas launcher (ID19). To apply, please upload a short CV and motivation letter (2 pages max in total) through the online registration form. The registration fee will be waived for the selected participants.

The DyCoMaX workshop is dedicated to new scientific opportunities offered by the combination of dynamic compression, induced by powerful lasers or other shock-generating devices, with brilliant time-resolved X-ray probes. The aim of the workshop is to gather scientists – both from the static and dynamic extreme conditions communities – to discuss recent results and new  frontiers that can be explored thanks to this combination.

The main topics of the workshop are :

– Planetary science : structure, evolution, geodynamics of planets, space impacts
– Warm Dense Matter : experiments and modelling
– Behavior of matter under high strain rates
– Synthesis of new materials, new chemistry
– Synergy with static compression
– Ab-initio simulations for matter under extreme conditions

4th DyCoMaX workshop  : registration is open