Offre de thèse / PhD position IMPMC-SOLEIL

Phase diagram and thermo-elastic properties of iron alloys at telluric planetary core conditions
Space missions together with Earth-based observations are providing unprecedented geophysical data concerning the interiors of the telluric planets of the solar system. However, their interpretation and full exploitation to produce accurate models of planetary structure and dynamics is still critically hampered by the limited knowledge of the properties of constituting materials at relevant pressure and temperature conditions. Within this PhD project we aim at combining synchrotron measurements together with high-pressure and high temperature techniques to investigate the Fe-S-Si and Fe-S-O systems in order to build the database needed to pertinently model the core of mid-size telluric planets, with specific focus to Mercury and Mars.
PhD project under the co-supervision of D. Antonangeli (IMPMC) and N. Guignot (synchrotron SOLEIL).
Doctoral school : Physics and Chemistry of Materials, Sorbonne University (ED 397).
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Offre de thèse / PhD position IMPMC-SOLEIL