Potential faculty position at Univ Lille, France

The Earth and Planetary Materials team at the Université de Lille, France (https://umet.univ-lille.fr/MTP/) may have an opening for a faculty position in the spring of 2023, for a start in September 2023.

Field of research : High-Pressure Experimental Mineral Physics.

The position is permanent, and involves 50 % teaching (192 hours per year), 50 % research. French language is preferred, but not mandatory. There are no conditions of citizenship. The position is not officially confirmed yet.

In any case, you will need to be qualified to apply. Deadline to pre-register for a qualification with the French system for 2023 is tomorrow 8 November 2022 (16:00, Paris time) at https://www.galaxie.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv.fr/ensup/cand_qualification_droit_commun.htm

You can then provide documents until later in December or January, but you need to sign up NOW.

The position will be open for Section 28 (Condensed Matter and Materials) but it is ok if you are qualified for another section (such as 35, Structure and evolution of the earth and other planets) The qualification is a national system, once you are qualified, you can apply for positions in French universities.

Contact : sebastien.merkel@univ-lille.fr

Potential faculty position at Univ Lille, France